Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



This was a bittersweet session: Jamie is the youngest of three siblings and I've photographed each of their bar/bat mitzvahs. The oldest, Jake, was actually the very first bar mitzvah I ever photographed. I had done family portraits for Julie and her family and she asked me if I would shoot portraits at the temple for Jake's bar mitzvah. I declined because a) I'd never done it before and b) who the heck wants to be a bar mitzvah photographer, anyway? Aren't they old men in cheap black suits who sweat a lot? After talking with Julie a little bit and finding out that she wanted more natural portraits, I decided to do it and found (much to my surprise) that I really enjoyed it. So I have Julie to thank for my current career path. But back to Jamie. I first met her when she was about 8 years old and we did family portraits at her house. I haven't seen her in forever so when I showed up at temple last weekend to shoot the bimah portraits, I was stunned to see a young woman. I mean, really. And the thing is, when I see friend's kids growing up it makes me realize how quickly my own kids are growing up. Seeing Jamie's older sister, Jordan, was shocking, too. I haven't seen Jordan since I shot her bat mitzvah portraits two years ago and the difference between then and now is mind boggling.

So this was the last of the Kotler kids and while I know Julie and Rick are relieved to be done with bar and bat mitzvahs, I'm a little bit sad that I won't be getting to do this again with them and their (really fantastic) extended family.

Congrats, Jamie! And Julie? Thank you.

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