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ulman family portaits

(technically i'm not working this week but i wanted to post this set of family portraits for my dear friend, jaki.)

i've known jaki for many years and have taken her annual holiday card photo for almost all of them. but an extended family portrait? when her husband is ken ulman (the howard county executive) and her brother-in-law is doug ulman (the president & CEO of lance armstrong's livestrong foundation)?


no pressure showing up to a family portrait session like that.

as ridiculous as it sounds, i was nervous heading over to her in-laws' home.  i've been there many times but it was the pressure of having to get *the* family photo since doug and his (new!) fiancee, amy grace, were only in town from austin for a few days.

thankfully the entire family is photogenic and ken and doug, especially, are so used to having their photos taken that it was about 100x easier than a regular family portrait.  i didn't have to cajole or coax or coach anyone how to sit or ask them to look at the camera.  at the end of the day it ended up being just like any other session: trying to capture the sense of connection and love they share.

easy peasy.