Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

the most special session - the gick family

i've known ginnie and dan for several years and this was the fourth time i've done their holiday portraits.  but this was a very special session for me because a few months ago i wasn't sure it would happen. back in may ginnie had a heart attack.  we spent several days not sure if she was going to live. i will never forget walking around ikea that morning and getting a phone call from jeff that ginnie had been taken to the hospital.  or the subsequent phone calls as more information trickled in and i realized that what i initially assumed was something minor (she fainted?  broke an arm?) turned out to be so much more serious. it was a bizarre few days...ginnie is one of the most energetic, lively people i know (truly) and the idea of her not being here anymore didn't seem possible.

thankfully (is that even a strong enough word?) ginnie pulled through thanks in no small part to the heroes at johns hopkins.  i am thankful and grateful that we got to do this session.  the session that almost wasn't.