Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



This was such a special photo shoot for me; Emily was both Kate and Jack's 1st grade teacher (and it's still weird to call her Emily after always referring to her as Mrs. Baxter). I loved her when she taught Kate - she was nurturing and warm and gave Kate the extra attention and reassurances she needed. For Jack, she was calm and cool but also set clear expectations on what behavior was expected in her classroom (namely not yelling out whatever is in your head the minute you think of it. So Jack.). She was a fantastic teacher for both my kids and at the end of last year I decided I wanted to do a special teacher gift - something besides a Target gift card or a bookstore gift card (both nice gifts, of course).

I decided to give her a gift certificate for a family photo session. Emily had commented a few times on the photos my kids brought in for class projects but I still wasn't sure if she was just being nice or if she really liked my photography. Turns out she was thrilled with the gift and a few weeks ago I got to meet her husband and kids. We romped around and watched the goats pee on their little house and got to see chickens. Andrew is almost 2 so he was having none of my guidance to sit down and look at me but Kaylee was happy to pose and look at me and it was really sweet to see her with her little brother; they reminded me of Kate and Jack when they were that age and used to like each other.

Emily - thank you for being such a wonderful teacher for my kids; I only wish you could teach them in every grade.

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