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I haven't seen Malena or her daughter, Andrea, since the last time I photographed them - 4 years ago.  At that time, Andrea was 12 (almost 13) and was still mostly a little girl.  But now?  She's a young adult.  It's amazing to me how much can happen in 4 years. She is bright, ambitious (she wants to be  a museum curator!), nice and just an all around great kid.  I asked her mom what her secret(s) is/are and Malena had great advice: 1. Always offer to drive carpool.  When the girls start talking, shut up and listen.

2. Don't overreact.  If you freak out the first time they share something important with you, they're not going to want to share more with you.

3. Talk.  Talk, talk, talk and then talk some more with your kid.  But always make sure to listen.

I love talking to moms with older kids and picking their brains for parenting tips.  I figure I've still got at least two more years before Kate can't stand to be in the same room as me and I plan on maximizing that time together.  All the parents I admire and respect tell me the same thing: your kids will go away for a while when they are teenagers but if you've done it right, they'll come back.

Here's hoping.

Malena, Andrea and I played around downtown Bethesda and had such a good time ~ I love clients that want to go somewhere different.  We walked, we talked, we stopped in at Art Walk and ended at a cafe for coffee and chocolate crossants.  Not a bad way to spend a morning.

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