Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

kitty kat

the weather here in maryland was beautiful yesterday - the first crisp, cool fall day we've had.  jeff took jack to tball practice after he got home from work and kate, maggie (our dog) and i went out to the field behind our house to play for a little bit.  maggie ran around like she'd never been outside before and kate patiently let me practice taking a few photos of her with my new reflector.  after a while i just let the two of them run wild in the field and watched them.  it was one of those moments...the kind that remind you why you endured years of spit up and sleepless nights and wiping toddlers' butts. my favorite:


and then this one was taken in my office.  kate found the glasses i ordered for a party we have coming up (don't ask) and wanted to try on a pair.  i couldn't not take a photo:


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