Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

jonathan ogden

i had a really cool photo shoot last friday - i got to do a (quick) session with former baltimore raven jonathan ogden.  i knew nothing about him until i googled him the day before the shoot.  turns out he was a pretty impressive player and, from everything i've heard from fans, also whip smart.  i only met him for about 15 minutes but you can add incredibly nice to the list, too. i wasn't sure what to expect but he came in like anyone else and joked around and had none of the prima donna attitude i expected someone of his background to have. so the shoot was for the AAA Ultimate Ravens Fan Cruise which is taking place in july.  they needed some fairly straightforward shots of jonathan wearing a AAA shirt for the promotional materials and while i didn't get to be creative with the session, i had a great time meeting him.  now if he'd only fly me out to las vegas to photograph his family... :)