Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Hoy Family Portraits

this was my second time around doing family portraits with the hoy family - with one difference: this time, in addition to keegan, they had beautiful 4-month old chloe.  the last time i took their portraits, keegan was just 4 months old so it was super cool to get to do it at the same age for chloe. (kristy's friends went in on a group baby shower gift and gave her a gift certificate for the portrait session which she loved; she said she never would have thought of it and i had to agree that it's a pretty cool gift. wink, wink).

we headed into baltimore to a spot i've used before (ironically, for another family where the mom is a graphic designer like kristy) and we had a perfect morning for the session: cool, crisp and sunny.  chloe was the most cheerful baby i think i've ever seen and keegan was hilarious.  at one point i asked him who he loved more: mom or dad?  he thought for about 10 seconds (a long time for a 2-year old) and finally said, 'both!'.  we agreed he probably has a future as a very diplomatic politician in his future.