Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

colorado jen

jen and her family moved from colorado to our neighborhood last summer and she instantly became known as colorado jen (to distinguish her from several other jens in the neighborhood). the name stuck even though they've been here over a year and i was thrilled when she emailed me to see if i was available for a session with her family.  she has four beautiful kids and jen, herself, looks like she should be in an ad promoting some sort of healthy, natural product ("you, too, can look this beautiful after having four kids if you buy our product!"). i met up with jen, her husband, dave, and their four kids: noah, luke, georgia and grace.  luke is the same age as my daughter and they were in the same class last year and my son is the same age as georgia.  he's had a mad crush on her since he met her but i found out yesterday that her heart now belongs to another boy in her class.

we had a great time yesterday.  after days of torrential rains, the weather was literally picture perfect and jen and dave were relaxed so the kids were free to just be themselves.  i could photograph them every weekend and never grow tired of them.