Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

chodnicki family portraits

the chodnickis are a special family here at anna elliott photography: they currently hold the record for the longest time between making their deposit and scheduling the session (2 years. shhhhhh.)  lisa joked about it with me during our session this past weekend but really it worked out perfectly: the spot she chose for the shoot simply could not have been more perfect.  she originally described it as a flat open field and my first thought was 'uh oh.  flat open fields are no good on a bright sunny day.'  but i figured we could check it out and see what it was like. hello gorgeous spot!

the property was 20 acres of an old farm and had tons of trees and shade and fences and old buildings and just about everything you could possibly want in a family photo session.  i think i must have thanked her about 20 times for bringing me there.

we spent about an hour doing the shoot and it was really one of the more enjoyable family shoots i've done.  the kids were game for anything i suggested (and even had their own suggestions) and the connection between them all was evident from the first snap. i didn't have to cajole them into hugging and touching and laughing ~ it just came naturally to them and it shines through in the photos.