Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

baby brooke

i have to admit i was a little apprehensive about this session; glen and melissa live in my neighborhood but i don't really know them.  we have mutual friends and that friend gave them one of my gift certificates as a baby shower present (didn't know i have gift certificates?  email us to get one in any amount for any occasion).  i showed up at the session not sure what to expect and frankly, i was totally surprised.  they were warm and funny and open and we had a great time during the session.  glen told me the story behind how they met (not for me to tell, but hoo boy do i wish i could) and melissa wasn't shy about nursing in front of me.  i'm not sure what i was expecting but given that they are both really attractive people i figured i'd feel like a dorky shlub next to them.  not at all the case.  i mean, i'm still a dorky shlub but they welcomed me warmly. so here is their beautiful baby girl, brooke.  i kid you not that she didn't make a peep until the very end of the session when she started getting hungry.  i would have had five more kids if i could have figured out how to get one like that!