Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

egan-malwitz family

sometimes it's hard to write posts about the families i photograph.  i mean, how often can i use the words 'great!' and 'fantastic!' and 'so much fun!'?  the problem is that all these things are true about them all ~ i don't get jerk clients who i don't have a good time with. the egan-malwitz family was no exception.  they are friends and neighbors of ours and i knew they'd be fun to hang out with because, well, they just are.  you can't not have a good time with them mostly because kent is cracking jokes all the time.  i found out during our session that his younger daughter, paige, inherited his love of hamming it up. have you ever tried to photograph a 5-year-old comedienne? i think i earned about 5 activity points on weight watchers this day.

the funniest part of the day came when i had all four of them sitting down for a family portrait and i asked paige something about her dad.  maybe to point at him?  i can't remember what i said but she swung her little fist back and popped him right in the eye.  i love the resulting series of photos:

it was a great session.  katie and kent are both really laid back and let riley and paige just be themselves which is always key to great photographs of kids.  we had glorious weather (thank you, fall!) and the trees were just starting to turn last week so we have all sorts of colors to play with.