Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

John McCain at the National Press Club

A couple of weeks ago I booked a job to photograph a conference in DC for a client I've shot for before.  I was most excited about the fact that the event was being held at the National Press Club because I was a journalism major in college and walking the halls of NPC was akin to a Ravens fan getting to walk on the field. I didn't know who was speaking but it didn't really matter to me because I'm not a DC policy wonk and have little to no interest in politics.  When the president of the organization got up to speak, I was trying to manuever my way over to the sidewing to shoot.  I managed to squeeze over there and knelt down to position myself.  As she was speaking I was aware of a man directly behind me who wasn't moving to give me any space.  I looked up at him to give him the stink eye and quickly realized, 'Holy crap! That's John McCain!'  And what followed was a classic case of "F/8 and be there": I simply swung my camera around and shot having no idea what my settings were or if I'd get the shot.  I did manage to fire off two shots (the first two in the gallery) before he was introduced and though they aren't great photos they make me laugh:  Me, getting pissy at Former Presidential nominee/ Senator John McCain. Ha!