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world's strictest parents + anna elliott photography

have you seen this show before? world's strictest parents? it's on CMT and i've been a fan of it for a while.  last week, though, the strict family was from maryland and one of the things they did with the teenagers who were visiting them is to take them to the ulman cancer fund for young adults.

my husband is the president of the board and i have done some photography projects for them in the past.  they are a fantastic organization and we love supporting them.  so, of course, i had to watch the episode, right?  what i didn't expect was to see my photos in the episode.  it was so cool! it made me feel like i had actually used photography for a greater purpose.  hats off to the staffers over at UCF who toil tirelessly to help support young adults (and their families) with cancer.

(wait until the end for the close up of my photo.  if you're reading this on facebook, you'll need to go to my website to view the video clip)