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so i'm not usually a big fan of workshops.  i've been to a few and some have been a waste of time and others have been pretty useful.  it seems like every photographer these days is offering some sort of workshop and until now i've stayed out of it.

so why think about it, now?  because i've noticed every year around the holidays that people get cameras and don't know how to use them.  i'm always fielding questions from clients about how to use their cameras and i'm more than happy to answer them and help them out.  the only problem is that i'm usually answering these questions during a session and i don't have the time to sit down with them and really explain or demonstrate.  i'd love to be able to share what i know and help people take better photos.  there's no mystery to taking great photos of your kids or family ~ it just requires a little bit of practice.

so i'm floating the idea of a simple workshop...i haven't thought much past that; it could be 5 people or it could be 15 people.  i have a general idea of what i'd teach, but i'd be open and willing to cover topics that you want to learn about, too (how to organize your photos and create a better work flow?).  it could be in my home studio or it could be at my neighborhood community center. i'm open to ideas but would love to know, first and foremost, if there is any interest.

email me if you're interested or know someone who might be ~ kristin (at) annaelliottphoto dot com


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