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word of the week

ahh...mid-december. this is the time of year when my (professional) life slows down.  october and november are far and away my craziest months - all the holiday sessions.  and then mid-december hits and for the next month or so, my portrait business will be relatively quiet.  it's a welcome respite and a time to recharge my creative batteries. the only issue is figuring out how to charge the batteries.  it's sort of hard to just 'get creative'.  i decided this year i needed a plan and while sipping a peppermint mocha in borders yesterday, it hit me: taking photos based on a random word.  no, it's not a new or original concept but i haven't done it before and i knew it would get me started.  so this morning i went to the word was appellation:

Picture 4

really? the word of the day couldn't have been dog?  or house?  or shiny?  but i suppose that's the point - to make my really think and to have to get creative with my camera.

so stay tuned.  i'll be taking photos this week of anything that remotely resembles the word 'appellation'.  it should be interesting.  i'll try to post my photo(s) every day and next tuesday i'll start again with a new word.

(want to do this with me?  grab your own camera and send me what you come up with.  i'll post 'em online and see who gets the most creative with the word)

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