Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

why not?

why can't bar and bat mitzvah photography be as stunning and as visually arresting as high-end wedding photography?  just a few years ago, people would look at you sympathetically when you told them you were a wedding photographer ("what?  you're not good enough to get a real photography gig?').  wedding photography was staid and stale and posed and just plain tired looking.  and then something changed.  someone, somewhere, decided that perfectly posed bridal parties with no personality weren't good enough anymore.  and the industry followed. it's sort of the same thing now, with b'nai mitzvah photography (still considered by most in the industry as the lowest of the lows).  but why does it have to be that way?  why can't we have photographs of the talit that have the same visual importance as a bride's bouquet?  or photos of the bat mitzvah's dress hanging from the doorway.  a b'nai mitzvah is no less important than a wedding and maybe it's time the photography started reflecting that.