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what i'd wear

the number one question i get asked by clients is, 'what do we wear?'.  i have a PDF with suggestions which i send out before sessions but there are limitless possibilities depending on your personality.  i was playing around today and came up with what i'd have my own family wear for a photo session.  it's based on our personalities - not super hip but not total clothes dorks, either - and patterns and colors that work well together. the first one is what i'd wear - jeans, flats and a black and white striped shirt.  i love the graphic punch of stripes and specifically stripes in black and white.  not being as fit and trim as i used to be, however, i'd pair it with either the longer white sweater or the shorter black cardigan.

for jeff, i'd have him wear jeans and most likely a zip up track jacket.  it's something he wears often so it's in keeping with his personality but it also gives us options - he can keep it on for some of the photos and take it off for others.  something that simple will make a big difference in your photos and doesn't require an entire outfit change.

the fun part is the kids: you'll notice i kept it pretty neutral for me and jeff.  we don't want to be the centers of attentions - we want that on the kids.  my son is 5 and loves pirates so this shirt is perfectly him.  it's also grey which keeps it from jumping front and center and screaming for attention and it coordinates nicely with me and jeff.  in this example, my daughter, kate, gets to be the bright spot.  she loves pink and loves dresses so that's the first thing i thought of.  to keep it in the same style as the rest of the family, though, i paired it with a jean jacket.  for shoes, i would do *both* the black patent leather boots and the striped rain boots.  i love the fun punch of color of the rain boots and i love how they looked paired with the rest of the outfit - a little quirky and out of place and exactly the way kate gets herself dressed.  the stripes on the boots are also a reference back to my shirt.

don't panic when it comes time to get the family dressed for your next photo session - keep it fun, relaxed and most importantly YOU.

what to wear for family photos