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Tave Studio Manager xoxoxo

for a while now i've been looking for photography studio management software that will help me run things more efficiently.  megan is amazing and is certainly my first line of defense in keeping things running around here but lately i've been getting busier and busier with bar and bat mitzvah (a very good thing!) and my cobbled together system of excel spreadsheets, a bento database and email folders just wasn't keeping up anymore.  i've looked online and visited forums to find out what other photographers are using and one of the most popular is also way expensive.  i downloaded a free trial (shootq for anyone wondering) and while the software is great and does everything i need it to do,  it doesn't work the way my mind works.  for whatever reason, the workflow wasn't intuitive for me and it actually had way more features than i needed.  and did i mention that it was way expensive?

last week, though, i was trolling the DWF forums and found mention of a product called tave studio manager. i downloaded the free trial and i swear i looked out the window in my office and the clouds parted and the sun shone down and angels started singing.  it's that amazing.

tave has all the features i wanted and needed (lead management, customer relationship management) and even allows clients to view quotes online, accept contracts and SIGN their contracts electronically.  each client has their own page with their own URL and they can see when payments are due, if they have a balance and view/print their contracts.  on my end, each client has their own page and i can keep track of email correspondence, payments, amendments to contracts, phone calls and even tasks/to do items for each client (it does a lot more but these are the big ones for me).

quite simply, it's awesome.  i've been playing around with it for the past week and already i feel like my head has been cleared of the cobwebs and my desk is slowing losing the carpet of post-it notes reminding me to do/call/email. i feel like i have more time because i'm not playing catch up and am not repeating tasks or spending time trying to remember where i am with each client. it's sort of like when i got laser eye surgery: for a week or two after the surgery, i still looked for my glasses when leaving the house simply out of habit.  i keep checking my phone and my email and trying to remember what i'm forgetting because tave has made everything so simple and easy.

if you're a photographer and you need a studio management software solution, check out tave.  i'd marry it if i could.