Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Spring Break 2016 :: Colonial Williamsburg


Our family headed south to Williamsburg, VA last week for spring break.  We've wanted to take the kids to Colonial Williamsburg for a while and the timing finally worked out this year.  Both kids love history but Kate, especially, loves the colonial time period and was more excited than I thought any 13-year-old would be about spending their spring break not just with their family but also LEARNING at the same time. We spent 5 days hopping back and forth between Colonial Williamsburg and Busch Gardens and it was more than enough time.  For future reference, you really only need 1 day at Busch Gardens and 2 days at Colonial Williamsburg.  I was fighting a cold the entire time and as soon as we got home my body cried uncle and I was in bed all weekend and into Monday with a bad cold.

A quick recap of our trip: Kate got a time-period dress and wore it around Colonial Williamsburg for 2 days.  That girl is something fierce - I would have died of embarrassment wearing that at her age but she loved it and felt pretty in it and didn't care what others thought.  I should note that there were other kids in the same kinds of dresses but she was probably the oldest.  I hope this independent, quirky streak is something she never loses.

My favorite part of the trip was a really interesting (brand new) tour we did called 'Building Detectives'; they were testing out the tour during Spring Break and are hoping to open it to the public this summer. For the tour, they split the kids and parents into 2 different groups and the kids took flashlights and learned to look at the old building for clues as to what was original and what wasn't.  Jack had a field day asking question after question and at one point I whispered to the docent, 'You can tell him to shut up any time."  She laughed and said she loved his questions.  Clearly she has not spent the past almost 12 years listening to them.

The adults did the same thing in the house - looked for clues as to what was original and what was new - and it was fascinating to me.  I love architecture and I love old houses; getting to marry the two together on a tour and learning why certain materials were used and how to know what was an addition or previous restoration work had me completely engaged.  Definitely check it out if you're in Colonial Williamsburg.