Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


jeff and i took a quick trip to san antonio last month; we had free plane tickets and a friends and family rate at a hotel.  i've never been to san antonio and jeff has only been there for work so we thought it would make for a fun getaway. for the first time, maybe ever, i didn't bring my camera.  part of it was just not wanting to have to lug everything on the plane and part of it was worrying about losing/breaking stuff. the main thing, though, was that i wanted to spend time with jeff.  i didn't want the trip to turn into a weekend of me taking photos and jeff standing by watching me.  i decided to use the instagram app on my iphone and i'm so glad i did.  it forced me to look at things differently - to really see things.  it helped that i had the phone with me all the time and could whip it out on a moment's changing lenses or fumbling for batteries or CF cards.

here's my trip as an instagram montage: (if you want to follow my photos on instagram, my username is krilac)