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photography how-to videos

so i have a photo shoot coming up in a few weeks that will require me to do product photography for a pretty big client (one of the perks of having a husband in advertising).  i've done product photography before but by no means am i good at it; i've kind of cobbled the shoots  together through trial and error.  this upcoming shoot, though, will be too important to wing it.  so i googled "product photography how-to" this morning and stumbled onto this fantastic site:  this guy is based out of cincinnati, oh and has a website and a youtube channel with info on product and portrait photography..  the thing i love most about it is that he shows you lots of his DIY studio props (sticks in a can, mirrors as reflectors) which means i don't have to go out and spend all kinds of ridiculous money on strobes and light sticks to do this shoot. if you've got some time, take a look at his site; i'm going to be spending the rest of the afternoon watching the videos. this is the one i found when i first googled him and i love his approach: