Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



last night was the first night of passover and as has been the tradition for the past two years, i hosted it at my house.  we had a total of 29 people which was at once overwhelming and really comforting.  the two littlest ones are both one and half years old and jeff's grandmother is the oldest at 94.

on sunday i was starting to get stressed out at the amount of cooking and cleaning and setting of tables there was to do.  i found myself focusing on having enough silverware and making sure my timing for the cooking of the salmon was correct and hoping it wouldn't get too hot during the sedar.

what i didn't realize until dessert was over and everyone was kissing their goodbyes last night is that i am extremely lucky to have had 29 people at my house for the sedar.  jeff's great aunt and uncle have both had health scares this past month. his grandmother is 94.  his dad went in for a heart procedure last week (that thankfully turned out to be nothing).  both my sister-in-laws brought food to help with the burden of cooking (as did several other family members).  my mother-in-law helped cook and prepare and serve and clear and clean.

when i woke up this morning my feet were sore and my back was aching but my heart was full.

(photos l-r: kate and jeff's mom making charoset on sunday, the dining + living room set for the sedar, kate and jack before the sedar. all photos taken with my camera phone)