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Shit Photojournalists Like

i majored in print journalism when i was in college.  i thought i was going to be a writer: traveling the globe, covering wars and famine and bringing to light all the injustices of this cruel world. i would make people care.

instead i'm a mom to two, wife to one, dog owner and suburban home owner.  my kids play sports and take piano and guitar lessons.  i fret about the price of organic food and the 35lbs i've gained since having my second child more than 6 years ago.

there is not a heck of a lot of excitement or danger or thrill in my life and mostly i'm ok with that. would i really trade a globetrotting job for kate and jack? (sometimes. when they've been out of school for a few days.)

but sometimes when i see an amazing photograph from another part of the world i think it would have been cool to be the one to have captured it.  to have been the one to have taken such an amazing/uncomfortable/heartbreaking/arresting photograph that a suburban mom reading the news on her ipad over her morning cup of coffee would stop to think about life beyond her world.

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