Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

my new project

i got some studio lights over the weekend for a product shoot i had to do and it was a great excuse to start a project i've been wanting to do for a while.  i've always been interested in people's faces and emotions and what people project versus what they are really thinking/feeling.  i've been studying up on richard avedon lately and his work speaks to me and amazes me.  it seems so simple on the surface - just a subject and a white background, but if you look at the photos and really look at the people in them, there are a hundred stories and experiences on the faces.  they fascinate me. so i bribed the kids after school yesterday with some candy if they'd sit for me. i wanted a few serious poses from the kids and kate is a little bit better at that than jack.  for the first photo i asked her to just sit and look at me and for the second one i pulled a page from the richard avedon playbook and asked her how she'd feel if anything bad happened to maggie (our dog).  she immediately gave me a true sad face and not a comical or fake version of it.  i love looking at the photo because it's not just her mouth that is sad but her eyes.  if you didn't know her or what i said to make her look that way, you'd wonder what the girl was thinking.  there would be a thousand possibilities and any of them could be true.  i love it.

(anyone interested in sitting for me?  no charge - you just have to sit there and let me play around for a while.  shoot me an email if you're up for it.)

(lest you think i'm the meanest mother in the world for even suggesting anything bad would happen to our dog, i knew kate could handle it.  she was fine seconds later.  the photo you see is literally a thousandth of a second of sadness that i caught. it's not like i hid her in the attic for five hours and told the world that she floated away in a balloon, right?)