Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

jumpin jack flash

are you sick of the flash practice photos, yet?  i've got a bunch more coming so.... this is my son, jack.  jack-jack, jack attack, JACK (said through clenched teeth), goofball and silly willy nilly.  he's the universe's way of teaching me patience...5 years down, 13 more to go.

clearly these photos are not creative and even reek slightly of a session from olan mills.  i wasn't concerned so much with the composition and posing as i was with trying to get the amount of light where i wanted it to fall.  some shots worked, some didn't.  clearly in the rim lights one i need to move the light back because i didn't get the rim light all the way around (it's missing around his jaw).  but i continue to plug away and am determined to learn this.  i have a few more sessions this week and even two sessions i've already done and need to post.