Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


My son loves baseball.  He's not necessarily the most talented ball player around but he loves to play and we're hoping his being a lefty will someday come in handy. The other night we got to watch his first game of the season (the first one that wasn't rained out).  Jeff's parents came to watch the game with us and they told me that the field we were at (next to Jeff's old elementary school) was the same field they used to watch Jeff and his brothers play baseball on.  It didn't seem like too big of a deal to them but to me ~ a kid who moved several times when I was younger and whose parents now live in a different state than the one I grew up in ~ it was really sentimental to have that tie to the past.  To know that it could be possible for me to be watching my own grandkids on the very same field some year.

I have absolutely no editing strength when it comes to posting photos of my kids on the blog.  When I'm editing client photos, I know exactly which ones I'm going to post.  My kids?  They're all beautiful! All the photos need to be shown!  The subtle nuances from picture to picture need to be shared!  So indulge me.  I know not all of these need to be posted but he's my kid and I think he's amazing.



(Here he is showing me that he hit the ball on his third try. Except he was so excited he showed me four fingers.) undefined