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improving my flash skills

i've been bumbling around with off-camera flash for a while now but it has been more wild guesses and lucky hits to get the correct exposure.  i could usually get what i needed but i didn't know how i was doing it.  until i got the One Light DVD from zack arias.  i've tried lots of other methods of learning about flash; it seems everyone has a workshop or a video or an online tutorial and i've paid for and used just about all of them.  i've read books and manuals.  still wasn't exactly sure what i was doing.  i decided to suck it up and spend the money on zack's DVD because i couldn't find a single review online that said it wasn't worth it or it was a waste of time.  not a single one. and now i know why.  it makes sense that photographers are visual people, right?  so why have i been trying to read about flash instead of seeing someone explain it and show it in action? zack does just that.  and he's so good at what he does that i now understand the inverse square law of light.  if you don't know what it is, google it and then tell me zack isn't a genius for being able to explain it to lame-os like me.

if you're my friend on facebook, you've already seen this photo but for the rest of you here is my first attempt at using off-camera flash after watching the DVD.  i've still got a ton to learn but at least now i know what to study:

zack arias one light DVD