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Fuji x100

I bought this camera on a bit of a whim a couple of weeks ago.  I hadn't planned on getting a new, small camera because most of the time I use my phone or, when I want something better, my trusty old (6? 7 years old?) point and shoot.  I rarely take my large cameras with me because...well, they're large.  And conspicuous.  And it feels like overkill to whip out the D700 with a 70-200/2.8 lens on it just to take photos of the kids on some hiking trails.  So my little point and shoot was my fallback ~ until I noticed that the quality of the images was piss poor and there was an unsufferably long lag time between pressing the button and the camera taking the picture. So I went online to look up point and shoots and came across several reviews of the Fuji x100.  Which is a little ironic because the Fuji is most definitely not a point and shoot.  Yes, it's small and portable but it packs a punch and lives in this really cool area between point and shoots and full sized DLSRs.  So I bought it.

It's a quirky, temperamental camera for sure.  I don't like the way you have to pick the focus point and I keep getting an error message when I try to switch to macro mode (I'll be calling Fuji some time in the next week or so to figure it out).  But once I played with it for a little while, I got used to the quirks and I absolutely adore this camera.  Not so much for the ability to shoot totally manual (including my aperture!) but for the fact that it has brought me back to taking photos for fun ~ for my own personal enjoyment.  The camera is so small that I just pop it into my purse every day and always have a great camera with me.  When I'm using it, I'm not thinking about creating AN IMAGE but about capturing the moment in front of me.  I'd forgotten what it was like to take photos just for fun; not Instagram snapshots with my phone (which I still love, btw), but real images.

The kids and I went to a park a few days ago and I brought the camera along.  I didn't feel like a doof with the big DSLR and I knew I was getting better images than what I'd get with my phone.  It was freeing to walk around with the x100 and just snap what appealed to me.  Easy peasy.