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Fuji x-Pro 2


I've wanted to love the Fuji series ever since they came out with the x100.  Photographers were raving about it and I was in the market for a personal camera that was smaller than my workhorse DLSRs but took better photos than my phone. I bought the x100 and used it a little bit but never fell in love with it. I sold it.

Last year I broke down and bought the X100-T because, again, so many photographers loved it and said it was a vast improvement over the previous models.  I bought one.  And then I lost it and bought another one and then found the original one so now I have two of them.

I liked the X100T better than the X100 - the menu was easier to work through, the AF was faster and it felt better in my hands.  But still.  I didn't *love* it. I finally realized that I hardly ever shoot with prime lenses and the fixed lens on the previous Fuji models were the sticking point for me.  Lots of photographers loved it and said it made them more creative and while I think that's true, I also know it's not the way I use my cameras and like to shoot.

So my X100T (both of them. sigh.) have been collecting dust in my studio.  Until I learned that Fuji just released their flagship X-Pro2.  I rented it from Lens Rental and it came today.


THIS is the camera I've wanted from Fuji all along.  As soon as I picked it up, I could feel the heft in my hands.  It's not heavy by any stretch of the imagination (especially compared to my old but much loved Nikon D3s) but it has a weight that conveys that this is not a toy camera.

The grip feels great and the sound of the shutter is one that I can't describe in words but that other photographers will understand when I say that it's gorgeous. Its silky and smooth and has just the right amount of click.

The best part, though? The new ISO dial on top of the camera.  I hated having to scroll through the menu or assign a func. button (which meant I still had to partially scroll through a menu) to change the ISO.  I missed having that readily available and that would have been the only thing stopping me from considering switching over to all Fuji.

So where does this leave me? It leaves me with 2 more days on my rental and a few more months before I can seriously consider selling one of my Nikons and replacing it with the X-Pro2.

(large photo = retouched, smaller photos = SOC)

Fuji x-Pro2  Fuji x-Pro2







300% zoom on eyeFuji x-Pro2

  Fuji x-Pro2Fuji x-Pro2




















Fuji x-Pro2Fuji x-Pro2