Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

every now and then

occasionally i'm able to get a photograph of one of my kids without them smiling with all their teeth showing or without them frowning at me.  it's a professional hazard - the kids are sick of the camera and few of the tricks i use on my clients' kids work on my own. but yesterday jeff and i took the kids to the playground and for the first time in a while i brought along my camera.  i wasn't expecting much, if anything.  i knew the kids wanted to run around instead of having their photos taken and it was 11:30am with bright sun and no clouds.  ideal for playing outside but not for photographs.

i took a few photos and then sat on the bench with jeff while we watched kate and jack run around like apes. i downloaded the card when we got home, fully expecting to delete all of the images.

but this one caught my eye.  and my breath.  it won't mean anything to you, but to me it *is* kate. the freckles on her cheeks...her hair a mess...the direct gaze without the cheesy smile.  just a quick glimpse of her.  it's shots like these that keep me picking up my camera for more.

maple lawn playground