Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

dan the man

my little brother (he hates it when i call him that; he's 34) has been staying with us for the past month.  he's making his way to maine tomorrow to work on an organic farm and i can't believe how much i'm going to miss him.  we weren't close growing up and though we've come to like each other over the years it wasn't until he was living with us that i came to know him and appreciate him and find out that he's a really good guy and that we're alike in so many more ways than either of us knew. i made him sit in front of my backdrop this afternoon so i could get some photos of him.  i don't have any of him from the past few years and i want to remember every long-haired, hippy detail of him.  he's gone through a lot of changes over the past few years and i feel a little bit like a proud parent watching him learn who he is.  i hate that maine is so far away and that i won't be able to walk downstairs in the morning and see him at the counter with a cup of coffee hunched over his computer.  he's been an enormous help to me and has done everything from build a corner bench in our basement to babysit the kids to cook homemade pies.  he's also sat on the couch with me and shot the shit and talked about everything and nothing.  i hate that it took me/us this long to figure out that not only do we love each other but that we really like each other, too.