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best news ever

i promised big news last week and i'm so happy to announce it: i have a super, amazing new assistant.


anyone who knows me knows that i am awful at returning phone calls and can be slow to return emails.  it drives my friends nuts but it's even worse for clients and it's totally unprofessional.  when i went to the workshop in georgia back in september, one of the things the speakers emphasized was figuring out what you're good at and hiring people to do the other stuff.  for me?  that was most definitely having someone to be the first point of contact for my clients.


i've known megan for a few years; we were introduced by a mutual friend and i've photographed her daughter, finley, several times (she had another sweet girl, ryan, back in january).  megan is funny and smart and really outgoing so when she emailed me and asked if i had any interest or need for an assistant, i jumped at the chance.  megan will be the one returning phone calls and scheduling sessions.  she's pretty much going to do all the stuff i don't like doing so that i can shoot sessions (the thing i love) and my clients get outstanding customer service.  it's a win-win for everyone :)

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