Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


jeff and i just got back from a 5-day cruise to bermuda.  it was work for him but i got to tag along and ended up having a way better time than i thought i would.  neither of us had ever been on a cruise before so it was a totally new experience and we really enjoyed it (minus the first day at sea when it was super choppy and jeff got sick.  other than that, though...) bermuda was beautiful, albeit overrun with tourists and fanny packs.  i've never had an urge to visit bermuda but am glad we went~ the water is gorgeous and the people couldn't be friendlier.

the highlight of the trip was the day i rented a moped and drove from kings wharf (where we docked) to hamilton - about 25 minutes away. jeff had to work that day and i decided it would be fun to throw my camera over my shoulder and have the freedom to stop whenever and wherever i felt like taking photos.  it was a brilliant idea - it was seriously one of the most fun days in recent memory.  when i got back to the ship and told everyone what i did, though, they were shocked: they'd all been told not to risk riding on the roads in bermuda because they are narrow and the locals drive like mad men.  they were right: the roads were narrow and the traffic was crazy but it was so much fun.

a few photos from my moped adventure and more from the day jeff and i took a ferry over to st. george: