Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

...and she's off!

i'm really happy to share this website with you guys:  Megan Evans Photography.  megan is my assistant and 2nd shooter for bar & bat mitzvahs.  i first met her about 4 years ago when i was working on building my portfolio after a prolonged absence from photography.  she was a friend of a friend and i shot her then 9-month-old daughter, finley.  fin is now 4, has a baby sister and megan and i have remained friends.

a while back megan emailed me to ask if i needed an assistant (whoo boy ~ did i ever) and if i would be interested in having her help me out.  it has turned out to be a fantastic working relationship; anyone who knows me knows that i am awful at returning phone calls and following up in email.  not exactly the best way to run a business which is why megan has proven to be a god-send.

i am thrilled that she is venturing out on her own and that she is charging for her services (per this post from wednesday) although i have to wonder if i'm going to be looking for a new assistant soon.  ;)

congrats, megan!