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a few of my favorite things

wanted to share a few things i've been crushing on lately...

JOE MCNALLY: joe would be on my list of 5 people, living or dead, to have dinner with. hell, i'd be happy having dinner with just him.  he's that amazing.

joe has been a photographer almost longer than i've been alive and he's worked for just about any magazine you can think (and not just shot for them but shot the covers for them). he's not an overnight photography star or some upstart with promise.  the guy is the real deal and his photography books are not only informative but funny.  the guy has a sense of humor and it's so nice to see someone who is tops in their field and doesn't take themselves so seriously (hello? sean penn? are you listening?).

joe's blog can be found here and you can get his books online at amazon or at just about any bookstore.  if you haven't seen his 'faces of ground zero' run out right now and buy it.  it is one of the most amazing photography projects i've ever seen; you can read more about it here.

baltimore child photographer, bar mitzvah photographer

THE STROBIST: this guy's blog has a worldwide following and it turns out he lives right around the corner from me (or at least sort of close. he's a fellow howard county resident).  as i've pushed myself to learn more about lighting and how to use it, i've found his site invaluable.  obviously i'm a little late to the party as he has such a massive following but still.  love him, love his site.  the dude knows his stuff and he's generous in sharing the knowledge.

HB PHOTO PACKAGING: if you've never looked for white boxes to package prints in then you don't know how effing hard it is.  the boxes seem to come in a rainbow of colors (aqua! pink! black! red!) but white has been almost impossible to find (at a decent price).  so hard to find, in fact, that when i went back to visit seattle two summers ago i made it a point to stop at my favorite packaging shop and order a load of white boxes.  i noticed last week that my supplies are running low and serendipitously came across HB via a blog i've been digging lately.

THE PAPERIE BOUTIQUE: (see the aforementioned blog above) i'm not sure how i came across this site but i'm so glad i did.  it's eye candy for packaging nerds like me; i've been known to buy products i don't need or know nothing about simply because i like the packaging.  this site showcases different photographer packaging along with (very important!) the sources for the stuff.  very fun.

baltimore child photographer, bar mitzvah photographer