Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

10 years ago...

  • i was living in seattle
  • i was 26
  • i had been dating jeff for 5 months
  • i was 4 months away from getting engaged
  • i was 30 lbs lighter
  • i was working at a job i loathed as a project manager for a web/software development company
  • my cell phone had a small antenna and could only make phone calls
  • my favorite tv shows were friends, felicity and the short lived jack and jill
  • i didn't think i would ever want children
  • i was a PC user
  • i owned a stereo with a 6-disc changer and was a member of a music club which sent me CDs every month
  • i didn't own a car
  • i was living in my very favorite apartment of all the apartments i'd lived in. the apartment manager's name was magic.
  • i didn't know how to cook
  • i still played soccer at least once a week
  • i could eat whatever i wanted without giving it a second thought (or gaining an ounce)
  • my favorite starbucks drink was a raspberry mocha
  • i commuted to work by bus
  • i had just discovered the 2nd love of my life: a hair straightener
  • jeff and i went out to breakfast almost every weekend
  • i took showers and went to the bathroom without being interrupted by shouts of 'mom?! mom?! mom?!'
  • i thought i would own my own house before getting married
  • i had never had a massage
  • i had just gotten my first tattoo
  • i didn't recycle
  • i couldn't pause live tv
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