Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

ST. LOUIS SCHOOL/ Clarksville, MD

This is the 3rd school year I've been hired to do photography for St. Louis School. They are a Catholic school a few minutes from me and I got the gig when a portrait client of mine (who had children at the school) mentioned to me that the school was looking for a photographer to shoot for their annual fund brochure. I got the job and have continued to shoot for them about 3 or 4 events per year (Grandparent's Day, 8th Grade Graduation, etc). This past week, though, I got to photograph their celebration of being named a Blue Ribbon School. It's a huge honor for any school to be named to the list and especially for a private school as only 50 private schools across the country were named.

St. Louis had originally planned to have the celebration this past winter but the event was snowed out. They were finally able to reschedule everyone (including Lt. Governor Anthony G. Brown and Howard County Executive Ken Ulman) and the celebration went off without a hitch last Thursday.  During the event they honored several former teachers and even one father who sent 7 kids through the school.

My kids don't go to St. Louis but I was as proud of the school as if they did. I have had nothing but positive experiences with the staff and the kids ~ they are unfailingly polite and kind and it really is a joy to spend time photographing them.

Congrats, St. Louis!