Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

weinstein bar mitzvah

i had the great privilege of photographing ben's bar mitzvah this past weekend.  i knew it would be a fun gig because his dad, jon, has a wicked sense of humor and he can give it as well as he gets it.  the entire family was game for my goofy jokes and tricks to get them to smile without looking cheesy.  they humored me and made my job easy AND fun.  thanks, guys! by all accounts ben did a super job (the temple doesn't allow photos during the service) and it's no surprise; ben is a genuinely nice kid with a great sense of humor and more maturity than most 13-year-olds i know (and look at him!  i sure don't remember 13-year-old boys looking like this when i was that age. my 5-year-old son came into my office while i was proofing these photos and asked me why i had taken photos of zac efron).

i'm still working on the photos from the reception, but here are a few of my favorites from the temple:

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