Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

SYDNEY'S BAT MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD


Two things stick with me from Sydney's bat mitzvah last weekend: 1. The girl never stops smiling.  Never.  (and her smile is absolutely gorgeous.  check out the photos for proof) 2. The dance floor at the reception was packed the entire time.  I've shot several b'nai mitzvahs at Temple Isaiah and sometimes the dance floor can feel a bit too large.  Sydney's reception was the first reception in I don't know how long that I couldn't actually get in and around the folks on the dance floor to take photos because it was so crowded. My favorite thing about this family was the warmth and genuine affection they have for each other.  We did a portrait session before the big day and not once did I have to tell them to get closer or squooch over or tell Syndey or her brother, Jonah, to just pretend they liked each other for the photos.  All four of them just naturally fell into place with arms draped over and around each other.  Not only did it make my job easier, but it made for better photos. Thank you, Michelle, Len, Sydney and Jonah ~ you made my job easy and I hope you like the photos as much as I do!