Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


I shot bimah portraits for Max and Reed's bar mitzvah last weekend (I didn't shoot the reception because I was lucky enough to be a guest). It was the second time shooting for my dear friends - I shot their older son's bar mitzvah 2 years ago. Sometimes I still get nervous before shoots because the morning of a bar or bat mitzvah is stressful no matter how low key the family is or how many times they gone through it before. Not so with Wendy, Andrew and their families ~ I've known them for many years and it was like hanging out with my own family (but much more fun, truth be told). The one thing I kept coming back to during the photo session was that time passes way too quickly. When I first met Wendy and Andrew, my kids were 1 and 3. Their youngest, Max, was 7 and at the time I thought he was so old (SEVEN! he can wipe his own butt! feed himself! walk on his own two feet!). And now? My youngest is about to turn 7 and I can't figure out where the past 6 years have gone. I look at Max and Reed and see my own kids at their bar and bat mitzvahs in a few years. Yep, Kate is not quite 9 but 4 years? It will pass in an instant.

As a side (personal) note, I don't know if Wendy and Andrew know that they are one of my role models for raising my kids (my in-laws are the others). I have taken so many useful ideas from them over the years (we don't allow the kids to use the word 'hate'. no tv or computers on school nights.) and I look at how they have raised their kids and hope and pray my two turn out as mature and funny and responsible as their three. Thanks, Wendy and Andrew xoxoxo

Enough. Here are some photos from the bimah. Enjoy.