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sarah's bat mitzvah || temple isaiah

i shot sarah's bat mitzvah this past weekend and it occured to me that there is a huge difference between 13-year-old girls and 13-year-old boys.  at least when it comes to their bar/bat mitzvahs and at least *imho*. the boys i've shot are - almost all - nervous (but won't admit it) and when i ask them what they are most worried about they all tell me they are afraid of forgetting their lines when they get up on the bimah to read.  pretty normal.  i would be, too.  but the girls?  all of them are cool and composed the morning of their bat mitzvah and when i ask them what they are most nervous about they look at me and shrug and say, 'nothing.'  like it's an everyday event to get up in front of hundreds of people and read aloud in a different language.

sarah was no exception.  her mom told me that sarah was so prepared that if the rabbi had called them two months ago and told them the bat mitzvah had to be that week that sarah would have been ready.  wow.  these kids amaze me.  having converted to judaism as an adult, i never had a bat mitzvah and truth be told, i'm not so keen on the idea of having one.  i give these kids a lot of credit for the amount of studying and preparation they go through for this day. mazel tov, sarah!

sarah and her family (who were so much fun and a total joy to photograph!) on her beautiful day: