Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

RECHT BAR MITZVAH / temple isaiah, fulton, md


Jacob's bar mitzvah officially kicked off my bar/bat mitzvah season; I have a busy few months coming up and this was a great way to start. First of all it was at my temple which I always love shooting at because it's familiar and comfortable and I know the routine.  I know where the good stained glass windows are, where to take family photos if it's sunny out and I need open shade and even where to shoot if it's cloudy and I want some good filtered window light.  Plus it's only 3 miles from my house so I can shoot the synagogue photos in the morning, head home for a cup of coffee and downloading images and then go back out for the reception. First cool thing about this bar mitzvah: I've known Monica for several years through our temple's preschool. Only I don't know that we ever said more than an occasional 'morning' as we passed each other in the halls.  So when she called me a few months back to talk about photography, it was funny seeing her answer the door ('Oh right! I know you!').

Second cool thing: they had guests from 5 different countries.  I wish I could remember all of them; the only one I remember is Israel.  I don't think I've ever shot a bar or bat mitzvah with so many countries represented.

Third cool thing: the family themselves.  We have a small Jewish community in Howard County and every Jew knows every other Jew (or at least knows the name).  I can't tell you how many people, when I mentioned I was shooting or had just shot the Recht bar mitzvah said to me, 'Oh, Monica and Joel are such nice people!'.  And it's totally true.  I loved working with them and hope I get to shoot their younger son's bar mitzvah in a couple of years.

Thanks, guys ~ enjoy the preview of images to come: