Finding the Moments That Define Your Event


Occasionally I get asked if I get bored shooting bar and bat mitzvahs. You know, the same temples, the same poses, the same shots, etc, etc.  And you know what?  I don't.  Because even though I tend to shoot at the same handful of temples and even though there are only so many poses you can make on the bimah with the entire family, what makes it interesting to me is the people I meet. Rebekah and her parents were no exception.  Rebekah is an only child and instead of being the (unfair) stereotype of the spoiled only child she was refreshingly mature and funny and whip smart.  And watching her with her parents?  It was awesome.  They seemed to relate more as friends than as parents vs. child and it was so, so neat to see.  Maybe the world needs more only children :)

Rebekah's art-themed reception was held at the Sheraton Columbia Town Center.  The cocktail area was decorated with her framed art on easels.  It was such a neat way to decorate *and* celebrate something that makes Rebekah unique.

I had a great time with your family, Jon, Hilary and Rebekah (yes, even with Jay) ;)  Thank you for having me and enjoy this sneak peek of photos to come!