Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

NOAH'S BAR MITZVAH :: Kahler Hall, Columbia, MD


I really try to find unique things about each bar and bat mitzvah I photograph...something about the family or the child or the venue.  Sometimes it's difficult because it's the umpteenth time I've shot at the same venue or I really like the family (how many times can I say that the families I meet and photograph are 'Great!' or 'Awesome!'??). Noah's family *was* great and I had a good time photographing them but the thing that stands out to me is how much dancing there was.  Keep in mind this was a BAR mitzvah ~ a lot of the boys at that age are too self conscious to dance (especially in front of cute girls in short dresses) but the boys at Noah's bar mitzvah danced all night.  They were sweaty and smiling and laughing the entire night.  I've seen bar mitzvahs where the DJ is doing everything short of pulling teeth to get the boys on the dance floor.  DJ Chad did an awesome job of keeping the kids dancing and even had them play a couple of new games I haven't seen before.

The other thing that stood out for me was that Beth was hands down THE most organized mom when it came to photos: she sent me a sheet ahead of time of people who should absolutely needed/wanted photos of.  Her husband was the one appointed to point the people out to me and not once did he complain about having to stop dancing and show me who people were.  I never want to interrupt people when they are dancing but Rich knew what his job was and he helped me out several times during the night.  Thank you, both!

Beth, Rich, Noah, Jacob and Shayna ~ thank you!  Enjoy this small preview of your images: