Finding the Moments That Define Your Event



I changed things up for noah's bar mitzvah: he didn't have a traditional reception but instead took a group of friends to Dave and Busters to play and eat and hang out the way 13-year old boys do. So instead of providing reception coverage, I did a portrait session of Noah (and his adorable goldendoodle pup, Riley) a few days before his bar mitzvah. It was relaxed and low key and allowed Noah (who has aspergers) to become comfortable in front of the camera before we did the temple bimah shots. The portrait session went great but truth be told I wasn't sure how he would react to the bimah portraits. We did them the day before the bar mitzvah so it would be less pressure but there is nothing relaxed about bimah portraits. It's a lot of rearranging and standing and fake smiling which grates on the nerves of any 13-year-old kid. But you know what? Noah was a champ. He didn't complain or get a sour face (which, trust me, lots of the boys do during bimah portraits) and he was infinitely patient with me as I cajoled and made stupid knock knock jokes with his brothers (who were all bar mitzvahed by the same rabbi!).

I saw his parents Monday night at an event and asked how the big day went and they said he did great. Mazel tov, Noah!