Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

MAX'S BAR MITZVAH :: Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation + Lansdowne Resort

This was my second time with the Nathan family.  I photographed older brother, Jack, 3 years ago and was really glad when I got the email asking if I could also photograph Max's.  I remembered the Nathans as a fun, go-with-the-flow family who *love* dancing and were so easy to work with. My memory was correct.

We started the day with some quick photographs after the service but the real fun kicked off that evening at the Lansdowne Resort Golf Club.  Carin, from Events Extraordinaire, worked her magic once again and had the ballroom decked out.  Having so many fun details made my job easier because there were so many interesting images to capture.

Electric Entertainment kept the crowd dancing (as they always do) and this is my favorite thing about the Nathan family: when I first met Romy and Steve, I thought they were on the quiet side.  I remember from Jack's bar mitzvah that they ended up being the most enthusiastic dancers on the floor and it was the same last weekend.  I loved seeing them having so much fun (all that enthusiasm makes for great photos) but also loved that they were so thoroughly enjoying being with their friends and family.  I've photographed events before where the parents are just there and not really participating and Max's bar mitzvah was definitely not one of them.  It also helped that Max is extremely outgoing and active and was also enjoying the event as much as his parents.

The only down side? Steve's father, Arthur, who is absolutely one of my favorite family members/guests in 8+ years of photographing b'nai mitzvahs, wasn't able to attend.  Indulge me a quick shout out to Arthur and a wish that he's feeling better soon.

Thanks Steve, Romy, Jack and Max for trusting me enough to hire me a second time - enjoy the sneak peek!