Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

Matthew's Bar Mitzvah :: Temple Isaiah


My history with Matthew's family only goes back the 10 years or so but my husband has known his mother and aunt since he was 4-years-old.  Amy and her sister, Missi, grew up down the street from my husband and when Jeff and I moved back to Maryland in 2001, he reconnected with them.  I've also photographed Missi's children's bar and bat mitzvahs so getting to photograph Matthew's was a walk in the park because their family knew the routine. Like most 13-year-old boys, Matthew wasn't too fond of having his photo taken.  That being said, he suffered very patiently with me and having his family put their arms around him.  He even laughed (groaned?) at some of my dumb jokes.  He's a quiet kid but he has a quick sense of humor and he was so willing to smile and hug and smile some more and turn to the side and smile and turn to the other side.  His younger brother, Joshua, is a pistol and kept things from getting too's hard to be serious when you see some of the faces that kid can make.

The reception was my favorite part - I've shot many receptions at Temple Isaiah and this was my favorite to date.  Amy swapped out the standard synagogue chairs for white folding chairs and it made such a difference.  From the cocktail hour in the courtyard with the wildflower bouquets to the way cool retro ice cream cart for dessert (Scoop and Paddle) I was never lacking for cool details to photograph.  I was also never without an opportunity to photograph folks dancing; this was another reception where the adults out-danced the kids!

So Efran, Amy, Matthew and Joshua - thank you for a great night; enjoy this sneak peek.