Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

kotler bat mitzvah

got to photograph a repeat client yesterday - julie hired me the first time about 3 years ago to photograph her family and then hired me to photograph her son's bar mitzvah two years ago.  yesterday was jordan's day; her actual bat mitzvah is on monday but julie wanted to do the family photos ahead of time.  the kids weren't too happy about getting up early on a teacher work day, but it ended up working out really well.  the stress level was way down and we weren't rushed to get everything done before services started.  selfishly, it was also nice to have the entire sanctuary to myself; normally, on the day of the bar/bat mitzvah, i have to share the bimah with the other families' photographer. here are a few which caught my eye; jordan looked beautiful.  i sure don't remember looking this poised and polished when i was 12 1/2: