Finding the Moments That Define Your Event

KEVIN'S BAR MITZVAH :: Temple Isaiah, Fulton, MD


Kevin's bar mitzvah presented me with a first: the first time I ever got to a temple to take bimah portraits and the temple wasn't open. Um...

We were scheduled to start portraits at 9am so I arrived just before 8:30 to set up and get prepared.  Lugged my gear from the car to the temple doors and nothing.  Doors wouldn't open.  I'm familiar with the temple because it's my temple so I just went to the religious school door and pressed the button to buzz the janitor.


I started to worry a little bit.  I knocked/banged (very loudly) on the doors, and then thought better of it.  It was the weekend before Passover and all I needed was a suspicious neighbor to call the police to report a woman banging on the doors of the temple, trying to break in or vandalize the temple.

The Silverstein/Leung family showed up early (I love them) and together Doug and I tried several other doors.  Nothing. To Doug and Jocelyn's credit they didn't get worked up or upset.  Me?  I would have been pissed and fuming and in the midst of a panic attack all at once.

Right at 9am the janitor (not the regular guy but someone else) opened the front door.  Clearly there was a miscommunication about what time to open the doors but I credit Doug and Jocelyn for taking it in stride and just rolling with it. Not a great way to start the day but Kevin certainly made up for it with what I heard was a great reading on the bimah.

Doug and Jocelyn did something else I really liked: they held the kid party on Sunday.  The kids came in jeans and shorts and tshirts and danced and played and had a great time.  I'm inspired to do the same for my own daughter's bat mitzvah; it was such a different feel from the receptions the day of the bar/bat mitzvah and the kids seemed to love not being dressed up.

Thanks Silverstein/Leung family ~ enjoy this preview of your images ~

(Special hello to Doug's dad, Larry!)